Soul Care

Soul Alignment Readings

These psychic readings are free-form (any topic) to assist your needs as you navigate day-to-day challenges. Mary’s goal is to help you align and thrive with a higher purpose, bringing more peace, balance, and joy to your life.

Mary receives clear information from “The Council,” Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, as well as your personal guides to see what actions and choices will help you at this time. Her style is lighthearted but focused on what’s at hand and introduces practical ways to connect, align, and co-create more efficiently with the Soul’s Purpose. She can access your Akashic Records for past-life information.

  • Channeled Messages & Healing
  • Self-Awareness & Empowerment
  • Identify Obstacles & Patterns of Sabotage
  • Focused Problem Solving
  • Relationships & Money Issues
  • Learn to Work with Your Guides for Daily Support
  • Communicate with Those Who Have Passed Over
  • Learn Your Life’s Issues & Challenges, Karma, & Lessons
  • Past Life Influences Effecting You Now, Vows, Oaths, Creeds, & Soul Contracts
  • Cutting Cords to the Past
  • Aura & Chakra Balancing & Clearing
  • Energy & Karma Re-scripting
  • Spiritual & Life Coaching
  • Setting Intentions & Taking Action

90 Minute Soul Alignment Psychic Reading


60 Minute Soul Alignment Psychic Reading


Full Spectrum Energy Sessions

Healing Sessions can be used to relieve and heal pain, injuries, genetic traits, and dis-ease. Physical issues are often rooted at emotional, mental, spiritual levels and core beliefs.  Stagnant or blocked energy, and imprinted beliefs link the disempowering thoughts into the manifestation of symptoms of illness or disease. Therefore, we find these causal imprints of beliefs, create new healthier imprints of beliefs, move the energy blocks, and you then become aligned with clear flowing healthy energy that increases your vitality.

I use various methods of healing listed below to identify and move blocked energy paths through a rage of dimensional levels: from cellular memory, genetic and generational patterns, to core beliefs and at the soul level.

Freeing you from these patterns liberates your energy and free will, and allows you to live a healthier life from your heart’s desire. The sessions assist you in manifesting balance, harmony, better health, and ultimately a happier life.

  • Photonic Light Body Renewal
  • Infrared Sonic Light
  • Color Therapy
  • Color Puncture
  • Pranic Healing
  • Reiki
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Essential Oils
  • Orchid Essences
  • Crystals Therapy

Initial 90 Minute Session - Full Spectrum Energy Session


90 Minute Session -
Full Spectrum Energy Session


60 Minute Session -
Full Spectrum Energy Session



Soul Restoration Sessions

This is profoundly deep Soul Level work where Mary can focus on past-life issues that are affecting current situations. She lovingly and respectfully deactivates soul contracts, clears negative cording, energetic implants, addictions, attachments, beliefs, and traumas. After the clearing, Mary redirects the focus to collecting Soul shards that have perhaps been dormant or offline, weaving in those higher qualities to your vibrational blueprint.

This is for those who want real change! This requires a commitment to your healing process and for you to actively participate in your “change”.

  • Shamanistic
  • Quantum Soul Clearing
  • Past life Resolution
  • Reweaving High Vibrational Soul Qualities
  • DNA Activation
  • Ancestral and Cellular Memory Recoding
  • Creating Sovereignty

Initial 90 Minute Session - Soul Restoration Session: Soul Level Healing


90 Minute Session -
Soul Restoration Session:
Soul Level Healing


60 Minute Session -
Soul Restoration Session:
Soul Level Healing


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a discounted 3 or 5 session 60 Minute Soul Restoration package!