Mary Evelyn Zimmerman

Soul Care for the Journey

The Soul’s Journey is different for each magnificent individual.  Mary’s passion is to guide you as you seek to integrate your Soul’s Mission with your everyday life. 

We each bring with us our own facets of talents, skills, and passions which contribute to our unique Kaleidoscope. Each of us has a unique Soul Essence, like a cosmic blueprint that resonates with color and tone. Each time our Soul, the essence of our being, incarnates it evolves and grows with a specific purpose in mind. 

Soul Care introduces practical ways to connect, align, and co-create more effectively with your Soul’s Purpose.

About Mary

Mary Evelyn Zimmerman is an Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in color and energetic therapies, as well as guided meditations. Mary is known as a “healer’s” practitioner and assists empathic/energy-sensitive people to navigate energetic overload.  She has been a facilitator of “Soul Care” for over the last 20 years. Soul Care introduces practical ways to Connect, Align, and Co-Create more effectively with your Soul’s Purpose. She is a spiritual alchemist, visionary, teacher, channel, intuitive guide, as well as a multi-modality energy and color healing practitioner. Mary focuses on aligning people’s passions and inner peace in a heart centered approach. She helps people cultivate a sense of joy, vitality and well-being through the integration of body, mind and soul.



Soul Care

Soul Care is about taking care of yourself during the Soul Journey process. You will discover that as you align with your Soul’s Purpose, certain core beliefs and habits must be addressed through self-inquiry. Fears, blocks and limiting beliefs create uncertainty, confusion, low energy, depression, lack of action and a sense of purposelessness. Often these restricting beliefs stem from past life oaths, vows or soul contracts. When you will break the contracts that no longer serve you, you can identify what your Soul is calling forth in this life. I offer intuitive readings, healings, and mentoring, which can stand-alone or work together to best meet your needs.


Home Care

The facets for the home are "Soul Frequency Home Design." This process is an integration of intuition, the principles of Space Clearing, Healing Color, and Intuitive Feng Shui, to create a vibrational alchemy in the home that enriches our body, mind and spirit. I believe by nurturing the soul of our homes through the use of and understanding of these modalities, the home becomes a Personalized Sacred Sanctuary. It is decorated with Intention, Inspiration, Love, and a “CLEAR” connection to the Universal Laws of Attraction.  This creates Full Spectrum Living, being physically in vibrational alchemy in the home and the heart. It enriches our body, mind and spirit.



Channeled Life Purpose Guidance with The Council

Friday, December 11th, 2020 7-9PM @ Awakenings Wellness in Malvern

The Council Gathering is a profound and joy-filled channeled group event. Mary Evelyn Zimmerman channels Ascended Masters, Angels, Nature Spirits, Animals, Elementals, Galactic Healers, Loved Ones and Spirit Guides of those attending. Together they guide you as you seek to integrate your Soul’s mission in your everyday life. The intention is to increase your sense of joy, vitality and your deeper sense of purpose. Each event is shaped by the unique energies and needs of the room.


Please reserve your seat.