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No matter where you are on your path in the act of “growing” out of old situations or belief systems, there are stages of stretching into the unknown that require faith, clarity, receptivity, inspiration, and passion to direct the creative process.

We often overlook the home as a valuable and necessary resource in supporting change in our lives though creating an intentional healing cocoon.


Our environments, and everything contained in them as they are experienced by our bodies are programming the cellular membranes. So, when we are at home or work where there was conflict or negativity, we are programming our cells negatively. Just recently, science has found that 95% of the time it’s not our genes that determine who we are. It’s our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and experiences that determine how our genes are expressing.

As a Spiritual Warrior, it is our vibration that is our shield, weapon, and peacemaker. Personal healing is a rite of passage and requires you to work multi-dimensionally through your healing and transformational process. True healing weaves though a cosmic and karmic level, a quantum level, an etheric level, and a physical and cellular level.

You may be familiar with The Law of Attraction which states “what we think we create.” In other words, our thoughts and words carry a vibrational resonance. That vibrational resonance is also held in our body’s etheric fields. It’s through adjusting your frequency that you create and attract your desires. While in this adjustment stage, the brain will need to forge new neural pathways and healthy synapse patterns. Simultaneously, our environment can be used to hold a clarity or purity of uncharged energy or specifically-infused energy to inspire a new vibration for transformation to fully occur. 

Space clearing is a frequency adjustment of the home which actually helps your body’s etheric fields and neuropathways by changing response synapses to match a newly-created enterically healthy environment. When all negative and unsupportive energy is dissolved from the home’s environmental field, and your internal being has an opportunity to aligned with the clear external energy, it’s like a cocoon of pure untapped potential.

The next step is infusing or reprogramming the space to nurture and support your desires. You are setting a new vibrational tone. It’s a “Re-Vibe” frequency adjustment.

Please note, deep space clearing works at a quantum level and goes much deeper than saging because several techniques are used. Contact me if you would like a Quantum Level Space Clearing.

Quantum Level Space Clearing will:

  • Clear stagnant energy
  • Clear negative energy that’s left by previous occupants
  • Assist in creating balance and peace for ADD, ADHD, Depression, & Anxiety
  • Cleanse the space after an illness or death
  • Speed recovery from illness
  • Enhance harmony & productivity in the workplace
  • Create positive energy flowing into your life
  • Help you to receive guidance from your spirit guides
  • Assist you in making a major change (new job, new home, new relationship)
  • Increase your peace and vitality
  • Make a house your oasis for your creativity

Free Consultation

To learn more about Quantum Level Space Clearing, schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss your needs. Think of it as a Quantum Spring Clearing! Additionally, I would be happy to offer a workshop if you’re interested.

Free Consultation

Let's talk about your issue and create an appropriate plan of action.
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Each space is unique and has its own special requirements. During the initial appointment (1 hour), I assess the space and your needs to define a plan of action for the clearing, be it traditional or spirit removal. 

The second appointment will be two or more hours, depending on the size of the space and the type of clearing. For a home clearing, this is generally best scheduled for a quiet morning, making sure there are no interruptions throughout the day. For professional spaces, this is most easily done outside of business hours, whether day or evening.  

Space Clearing: …Start at $225 per hour and will vary depending on size and conditions; the amount will be determined during the initial consultation.   

Follow-Up Maintenance: …$225 per hour. Follow-up sessions are available and Highly recommended as needed to maintain the already renewed energy levels.