Color Therapy

Color is one of the most profound healing resources we have, and sadly the most neglected. Through technological advances, bio-engineers have confirmed that the ancient Chinese and Indian beliefs regarding The Aura Field and The Chakra Energy System do exist and are, and are in fact, known to us today as the body’s electromagnetic field. Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, conducted a study at the National Institute of Mental Health in 1977, discovering a group of informational substances called neuropeptides. This study proved that our emotions run so deep that emotional traumas can be detected as emotional imprinting on our blood cells and DNA. Studies have also shown that color profoundly affects the biological and physiological systems of the body, impacting these neuropeptides. Each emotionally imprinted blood cell in the body passes through the visual cortex behind the eye which can bring profound shifts in minutes, bringing “healing color” to every cell, muscle, organ, bone and strand of DNA in your body. The body also absorbs color through the skin.  Color-Puncture can be used on acupressure points to clear the meridians. When light and color frequencies enter the body, this vibration of energy actively merges with our Auric Field and subsequently our Chakra Energy System. Each chakra oversees the different organs, meridians, and life force systems of the human body.  This can clear blocked or stagnate energy creating illness effecting physical, mental, and emotional levels.