About Mary

Mary Evelyn Zimmerman. CCT, CTH, CPH, CFS, CPC

Mary is an Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in color, energetic therapies, and guided meditations.  Mary has worked extensively on both East and West Coasts.  She currently works in the Pa. tri-state area at various centers.  Through her workshops, lectures, and meetup groups; she focuses on aligning people’s passions and inner peace in a heart centered approach. Mary has discussed such topics as Living With Color From The Inside Out, Reclaiming The Sacred Whom, A Creative Movement To Peace, Feng Shui and Space Clearing, Empathic Overload, and Being A 21st Century Energy Sensitive In New World Energies.  Her passion is to introduces healing and practical ways of self-care that help to facilitate spiritual growth and well-being.


Mary is known as a “healer’s” practitioner; she works at a soul level to assists energy-sensitive people to embrace living a multi-dimensional lifestyle while navigating energetic overload. She has been a facilitator of “Soul Care” for over the last 20 years by which she introduces practical ways to Connect, Align, and Co-Create more effectively with your Soul’s Purpose. She is a spiritual alchemist, visionary, teacher, channel, and intuitive guide. Mary’s goal is to help assist you in living Your Soul’s highest vision for your life.

Her philosophy is rooted in Modern Science and the principles of Ancient Wisdom and Mysticism. She has further synthesized her studies of The Chakra Energy System, Shamanistic Healing and Spiritual Development, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Color Theory, Space Clearing and Haunted Properties, Gemology, Aromatherapy, Chromeo Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Energy and Karma Re-scripting, and Quantum Soul Healing into a Psycho-Spiritual approach to Life Coaching.

Mary has worked with many satisfied clients from coast to coast and internationally ranging from Fortune 500 CEO’s to stars of the stage and screen and many great folks in between.